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Mama tells me to floss every day but this doesn’t look at ALL like the thing THEY use!  Is there a mistake here, mama?  And what’s that smell of chicken in the kitchen?  NO, NO, don’t put the wine in yet, or I can’t have any!!!

Is that a myth or a reality?  If meats are cooked with wine a long time, can kitties have a bite or not?

And if the broth is cooked with carrots and onions and celery, can kitties have a sip?

I’d love to know more dos and don’ts about what I can have or not have.

HEY, maybe I’ll write a book, To Have Or Have Not.

Catchy title, no?



Actually, I’m writing another book right now, A Tail Of Two Cities and frankly, it is the best of times and it’s the worst!!!