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NO, NO don’t make me practice!!! What if I took up the kazoo…I could do that.

Well, I’m am going to have to put famous Nora in today’s blog because she is an amazing and talented kitty.

I mean, inferiority complex aside, I see and admire that this kitty knows the KEYS!

Thank you, Mary Mc Neil, for directing us to the video.  Actually I had to go on Youtube to find this one because the link Mary put in her sweet comment did not seem to function (probably my computer…sometimes I have to go to the source, but all the squares of Nora playing were black on the link).

I know you’ll enjoy Nora as I did.  The only hitch is that mama is asking me to practice three hours a day instead of the normal two.

HAHA in your dreams.


You want me to play WHAT on this big old black thing?  Gimme a break!