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Well, today’s tail…er…tale is told by Mya’s mama, who took her to be blessed at the church of St. Pierre d’arena in Nice, France.  I just had to share the story with you.
Mya’s mama, Anne:
We just got back and I downloaded what I have and they aren’t the best. The lighting in the church was so poor when I had a great shot in the lens by the time it actually « shot », things had moved!! But it was beautiful and funny – the priest quoted the prayer St. Francis of Assisi (composed in the year 370) and he paid tribute to our friends and family – the animals. How they have special gifts that we humans don’t have – like the more developed senses of hearing, smell, etc and talked of their loyalty and how we are interdependent, man and animals, who share the earth. And the love and respect we should have for each other – it was really a beautiful service, with singing and dogs howling and barking along. Pretty funny, too. Many more dogs than cats, but one shot shows the lady with her 2 cats in her arms, another (the man with the striped t-shirt, came with 2 cats, the white one who sat on top of his cage – and a grey one that « escaped » into the congregation, but someone caught him and it ended well.
There were 3 priests who went around blessing the animals with splashes of holy water – Mya was a bit far away in the aisle, but got a tiny splash. I was hoping for a few goats or something exotic – but just dogs and cats unless I missed something. But ALL were invited!! Voila – not the greatest but I took lots, and these were the best!!
JL and Mya entering the church
A sweet doggy blessing.
Tresse, but no stress, haha.
Well, my papa is trying to get me near the holy water!
 Lots of friends were made.
 Guys with their cats (above and below)
 Uh, oh, I think that lady has treats!
A lady with her 2 cats on leash!!
 How long do I have to stand here and be good? I hope that water doesn’t muss my fur.
 Such happy families. Take a look at last year’s successful blessing!
AND thank you, Mya, merci, for this great story about animals’ day at the church. 
Also anthro day, if you ask me…