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Uh, oh, are those heavy grey clouds I see?  Mince!  A polite word for, wll, for the S word.

Well, Saturday is just around the corner and it is supposed to RAIN!!!

Oh, boy, we’ll be eating guacamole and pinwheels and cookies and salmon and truffles until the cows come home, whenever that is, but mama is really a bit worried about who would show up in rain.

Then she remembered that years ago in this tiny ville where ZILCH happens in winter and all the streets are empty and the stores closed, there was an art opening in a little gallery and mama and papa ambled over (IN RAIN) because at least it was an event and broke the monotony of winter. The place was packed!  So around here, I guess anthros go out for any kind of nice gathering where there are nibbles and WINE.

I hope so.

A kitty can only eat so much guacamole, haha.

But THIS is another ball game.

One scoop pistachio, please, and one scoop beurre/sale–caramel butter with salt, the best ever.  Whisker-lickin’ good, haha.